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“Bring In Truck Loads of New Customers and Leads Into Your Business By Harnessing The Power Of My Buyers List"

“High Quality Traffic for High Impact Results!"

From the Desk of Donald Johnson

If you are looking for quality traffic you have come to the right place...

I can bring you to a new level of clarity with my highly responsive leads

These are people who love to buy and are just waiting to see your offer

Maybe your last solo purchase didn't get you the results you wanted...

Don't let that get your spirits down

It's really not your fault

You just need to get your leads from a quality source that provides warm/pre-sold leads who are waiting to see your offer

Crappy clicks sent to a good page don't convert

If the people clicking aren't expecting your can you expect them to buy?

You need quality clicks sent to your pages to create results

...and when i say results I mean High Impact Results

Just check out what some of my recent customers have to say:

So...Why Exactly Is My Traffic So Nuclear Hot??

- I'm pulling from a large pool of my buyers. These are people who have opened their wallets to me, and they'll do the same for your offers.

- I always add hundreds of subscribers to my email list each day. You're always getting fresh and responsive traffic.

- My normal over delivery is around 10 - 15%. I tend to push more towards 15%.

- I am an email ninja (not really) but that's why my clicks tend to be more responsive. My subscribers see my custom written swipes and they feel more inclined to sign up and buy.

- My traffic is always over 80% Tier 1. That's the minimum i deliver. Often i will deliver well over 90%. That's just how I roll.

- Delivery Rates are as follows:

100 - 300 clicks requires 3 - 4 days

500+ clicks requires 4 - 7 days.

- If you need help figuring out if my traffic is right for you...reach out! If you need help with your email capture page, or need to see if your offer fits my list, I don't bite. I'm always happy to help ;)

A Note About My Prices...

There are 2 different types of clicks: unique clicks and unique buyer clicks.

There are 2 primary differences between these clicks: % of Tier 1 traffic and amount of included buyers lists.

Unique clicks include a minimum of 80% Tier 1 traffic while Unique Buyer Clicks include 100%.

The second difference is the amount of my buyers lists I include for each click type.

Unique Clicks only get 50% of my buyers lists. So of the 4 types of buyers lists that i currently have, you get 2 of those lists. Unique Buyer Clicks get ALL 4 types of buyer lists that i have available, so you have double the chance of geting sales and sign ups.

How do you know which is best for your offer?

If your offer only accepts certain countries, you will most likely need a 100% Tier 1 solo ad: Unique Buyer Clicks.

On the other hand if you have an offer that is more general that can accept buyers from any country, Unique Clicks might a better fit for you.

If you have any doubt, ask me before you place your order. I will match your offer to the best traffic option. Not everyone needs 100% Tier 1 traffic.

Very Important!

If you are promoting an MLM offer I have special clicks for you...

These offers tend to get promoted very aggressively without proper preselling on the conversions with other traffic types and vendors tends to be lower.

The trick here is PRESELLING the traffic, which most traffic from solo ads don't do properly enough to effectively create sales and sign ups for MLM and Biz Opp offers.

This is where my new click packages come in...

Introducing MLM & Biz Opp Buyer Clicks

Solo Ads On Steroids

- These clicks are specifically presold to your offer, so you will get higher email sign ups and sales.

- I use 1 - 2 days to presell my list to your traffic so only the most qualified leads see your offer.

- I use a special presell funnel to get my subscribers interested in your offer. Once the traffic is deployed, watch your sign ups and opt-ins skyrocket!

- This traffic is 80 - 100% Tier 1, so clicks primarily come from United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Now...let's get you some High Impact Results:

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- Every order is final. Once the clicks have been ordered they can only be rescheduled, not refunded. Please check with me prior to your order if you have any questions.

- I reserve the right to cancel and refund your order if your offer does not suit my list.

- For each order you are guaranteed a number of unique clicks. I cannot determine the results you will get from my services, but it is guaranteed that your offer will be sent to my incredibly responsive email list.

- If you are not completely satisfied with your order, let me know and I will do everything within reason to satisfy you

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